Cobalt Weapon Factory

Ammo is one of the fhings, needed alot to defens for the always Respawning People in RUST.
This Monument is called “Weapon Factory” due the Scene located in a Mountain with Undergroundlevels and alot of things to see.

Green- / Blue- and Optional Redcard Puzzle

Green & Bluecard Puzzle are combined


The Greencard Puzzle is located in the “Office” Building and needs to be done to activate the Bluecard Reader
3 x Fuse
1 x Greencard

In the patio you need Fuel and a Blue Card
Fuel the Electric Car to enable the Bluecard Slider

Inside the Blueroom you need to activate a Button to get Into the Control Room. There you find a Button to activate the Ash-Cleaning-System.
This System Opens a Hidden Door into the Fire to get to the Underground level and take the Blueroom Loot.

If you dont have a Redcard: 
There is an Green Exit sign, where you can get Out without a Redcard

If you have a Redcard:
You’ll find more Underground rooms and another Puzzle to Solve. 

You need:
2x Fuse
* x Fuel

This is how you activate the Redcard Slider to get into the Redroom Loot.

Both ways will bring you into the Underground Exit. Covered with Cams and Trucks to get some Defense.

Whole Scene Included (Roads, River, Mountain, Bridge, …) & Bots Spawn set.

Get it here: Cobalt Weapon Factory