K+K Hotel 1 – Buildable

This Mounument offers a large Place for alot of ppl for an City-Styled Wipe.
Every Second Floor has 4 Buildable Apartments. All Apartments have a  Splitter to have Energy in every Room.
On the Floor you find a T3, Repair- and Learningtable

The Ground Etage offers a small Kitchen, a Waiting Room, a Reciption and Dropboxes for Every apartment.
All Doors can be closed with Codelocks / Keylocks
All Apartments have 6 Large Boxes behind a Garagedoor and a Toilet Room

On Top you can find a small Casino with all things to spend your Money!

Get this Monument here:
Codefling: https://codefling.com/prefabs/kk-motel-1-buildable-monument