Cinema of Lian Yu

“We will use this last working Cinema for Propaganda porpose. Use it to Store Radiationjunk and dont let people get it.
Burn the death corpses and spread the true words using the civil broadcast system of the Cinema!” 
– Last message before the Cobalt Scientist disappear

Custom Rust Monument with three Puzzles

Cinema Inside:

  • Fuse + Greencard for Access to the Cinema Room
  • Loot: Greencrate, Foodcrate

Cinema Room:

  • Target to activate the Door to the first big Puzzle
  • Loot: normal Crate

Cinema Backroom:

  • Search the for Timers and activate them
  • Swipe alll Cardreaders at the same time (Greencard)
  • Redcardreader can now be used to get into the next Room
  • Loot: Normal Crate, 2x Greencrate, 1x hidden Elite Crate

Redcard Backroom:

  • You need a Code to get into the Redroom Mainloot Room
  • Loot: Some Barrels, Normal Crate, Hidden Elite Crate

Redcard Room provides access to the Exit

  • Take the Airshaft to the Generator Room. Fuel up Generator to Open the Exit Door.
  • Loot: Green Crate

Pack Provides
Full Monument like Screenshot (Streets, Housed included)
Hight-, Splat-, Topology included