City has Fallen

City has Fallen - a RUST Custom Monument

The Nature takes what belong to it. This Mounument will show you how easy a City can get Destroyed and abadoned.
This Mounument comes with another Monument – (Weapon Shop) – and hase Skyscrapper with interiour that can be used as Jumppuzzle.

Also you find a Supermarket in that City.

Every Skyscrapper has a timer that need to be reached with the internal Jumppuzzle. Every Timer is activ for 15 min.
If you activate a timer youll see a small light flashing outside to tell you witch one is activated.

After activating all timer you find a small “Bunker” located in the alst Skyscrapper under water with 2 Elite Crates and 2 Military Crates.
It also can be connected to your Rivers to give the ability to take a Trip to that Mounument by Boat.

In the Skyscrapper you and your Player find some Crates, Toolcrates and Foodcrates.
Also in 2 Skyscrappers are 2 Greencrates located.

Follow the link to Rust Custom Monument: City has Fallen