Helheim Village

Helheim Village: A Viking Saga in Rust | Medieval RP Prefab

Welcome to Helheim Village, a Rust custom prefab that brings the Viking Age to life in the harsh world of Rust! In this immersive medieval role-playing experience, players can embark on epic adventures, build their homes, and explore the rich history of this Viking-inspired village.


  • 6 Buildable Locations: Helheim Village offers six distinct places for players to build their homes and establish their Viking legacy.
  • All Fires have bbq.hidden attached. Add bbq.hidden to your Cooking config and use the Cooking Plugin with some special meals 
  • Viking Ship: Set sail on the high seas with a fully buildable Viking ship, ready to take you and your crew on daring raids or trading expeditions.
  • Jarl House: Rule over your domain from the impressive Jarl House, which includes a spacious bottom floor and an upper floor featuring a sleeping room and a majestic throne room.
  • Tavern: Enjoy the camaraderie of fellow adventurers in the village tavern. You can use both finished prefabs and create your own unique space to share tales of glory and strategy.
  • Weapon/Armor Smith: Craft powerful weapons and armor in the Smithy, where your craftsmanship will be tested in the heat of battle.
  • Thor’s Hammer: On the edge of the village, you’ll discover the mighty Mj├Âlnir, Thor’s Hammer, illuminated with thunderous lightning bolts, guarding the village against any who dare to challenge its might.

Join us in this epic Viking saga, where you can build, battle, and forge your legacy in Rust’s Helheim Village. Prepare for an adventure like no other as you dive into the world of Viking mythology and medieval warfare!

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