Police Department

Something Strange is going on. Getting Informations about a Underground Office and Chemical Weapons trying to create a SuperSoldier called “Project K4H0s”. A small City around the  Custom prefab Cobalt Police Department give you a good way to create a unique City. A Greenroom, Blueroom and double Redroom Monument gives the Player a new Puzzle to explore in Rust. Combined with a Codelock Puzzle its not like “swipe card and run” – they need to run, they need to explore, find hidden switches and rooms and finally get to the Boss Room of “Project K4H0s”.



Custom Monument for RUST

  • 1 Green Room
  • 1 Blue Room
  • 2 Red Rooms


  • Bluecard
  • First Aid Crate
  • Normal Crate


  • 2 Green Crates
  • Normal Crate
  • Redcard

Redroom #1

  • Normal Crates
  • 3 Green Crates
  • 2 Elitecrates (1 hidden)

(Find hidden Buttons and Open Door in Controlroom) Redroom #2

  • Normal Crates
  • 3 Green Crates 
  • 2 Elite Crates

(Find the Code to access Boosroom with 1 from 2 Elitecrate)   Use BotReSpawn (or other Custom NPC Spawner) for NPCs. No NPC Spawns included in this Pack.


WeOxide: https://weoxide.net/index.php?/file/51-cobalt-police-department/
Codefling: https://codefling.com/monuments/cobalt-police-department/​