Shuttle Factory

a Custom RUST Monmuent that perfectly fits into the World of RUST. A Hidden Factory in a Mountain, with a small Tunnel System for the Puzzle.
Mix it up with things like Launchside and the normal Facepunch Monuments.

  • 2 Green Rooms
    1 Green Crate
  • 1 Blue Room
    2 Green Crates
  • 1 Redcard Puzzle
    5 Fuse & fuel needed for the whoile Puzzle
    3 Green Crates, 2 Elit Crates, 1 Hackable Crate


Redroom / Mountain Contains another “Puzzle”. The last Puzzle Contains a Hackable Crate.

Prefab Count: 3796 

Whole Scene included (roads, damaged houses, …)
Alpha / Height /Splat also included