Legend of Morningstar

Legend of Morningstar provides a small island in the South with a Puzzles Streching over 3 Monuments. The Vale is themed in a Primstyle manner combined with the Mainland in the current Timeline. The North

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Police Department

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bp6np_IMtIU Something Strange is going on. Getting Informations about a Underground Office and Chemical Weapons trying to create a SuperSoldier called "Project K4H0s". A small City around the  Custom prefab Cobalt Police Department give you

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Cinema of Lian Yu

"We will use this last working Cinema for Propaganda porpose. Use it to Store Radiationjunk and dont let people get it. Burn the death corpses and spread the true words using the civil broadcast system

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Welcome to Kaho.wtf

After playing Rust for alot of time with the same puzzles over and over again… Time has come to get activ by myself.
Alot of Skins are available to change your “look-a-like” but… Its nothing to improve the Gameplay at all.

After some time i decided that doing Monuments and Puzzles for Rust could be something that would help forgott the daily work struggle.
With RustEdit giving our the abillity to Crate and Share…. Why not?

After a short period and tests i released my first Custom Rust Monument….

Cobalt Police Department - Rust Custom monument

CPD – Slider

The Cobalt Police Department was the first released custom monument for Rust and the feedback was nice.

Informations about Cobalt Police Department – Custom Rust Monument can be found here.

After some time and more released the first Map was created. “Welcome to Lian Yu”!

Lian Yu - Free Custom Rust Map

With the first Monuments of the “Lian Yu Season” i also released a Free Rust Custom Map combined with Facepunch Monuments.

Check out Lian Yu – Custom Free Rust Map for more Information

Beside free Prefabs & Maps you also find alot of payed Versions of my Monuments.
Information where to get this Monuments can be foudn on the Specific side.