Legend of Morningstar

Legend of Morningstar provides a small island in the South with a Puzzles Streching over 3 Monuments.
The Vale is themed in a Primstyle manner combined with the Mainland in the current Timeline.

The North Provides a small Island with Oilrigs and a Bradly Road over the full northern island.
Can be compined with ZoneManager providing a PVP Island for your PVE/RP Server.

Map is provided with Password. You can Edit the Map.

Get the Map here
WeOxide: https://weoxide.net/index.php?/file/365-legend-of-morningstar/

Codefling: https://codefling.com/maps/legend-of-morningstar

For your PVP or / PVE / RP Content
Mapsize: 4300

North can be setup with Zones to Create a PVP Zone

World Puzzle:
You need to fuel the Hobobarrel with wood to give the Fire effect on the Morningstar Vale 


  • Railring Overground
  • Metro Underground
  • Underwater Labs

Custom Monuments (already released)

  • Military Base v2
  • Weaponshop  of Rustcoon
  • Cinema of Lian Yu
  • Graveyard of Rustcoon
  • LopLops Brewery
  • Cobalt Police Department
  • Kirran & Lifas Swamp
  • Prison of Rustcoon City
  • Morningstar Altar
  • Small Farm
  • Small Waterwheel Farm
  • Miller Town
  • Custom Cave
  • Wooden Shops
  • Sunken Ship
  • Underwater Bunker
  • Trade Tower (Compound combined)

Custom Monuments (not released yet)

  • Assassinen Nest (Jump & Run)
  • Small Wooden Village
  • Crypta
  • Some Place to Build a Base (X on Map)
  • Toxic Castle (Jump & Run)
  • Recovery Center (Island)

Facepunch Monuments

  • 2x Caves
  • 2x The Dome
  • Large Harbor
  • Trainyard
  • Airfield
  • Military Tunnel
  • Sulfur Quarry
  • Large Oilrig
  • Small Oilrig
  • Arctic Research Base
  • Fishing Village
  • Lighthouse
  • Custom Bradly Road in the North