Lian Yu – Custom Rust Map

Custom Map with my current work – fully functional and ready to use

Custom Prefabs Included:

  • Cobalt Police Department with Bradly Spawn Ringroad (replaced Launchside)
  • Bank of Lian Yu
  • Cinema of Lian Yu
  • Trade Tower Compound (with Compound Spawn)
  • Military Base V2 (Puzzle and Cards to get MLRS Access)
  • Roadside Truck
  • Skull Waterpring
  • Underwater Bunker Offshore Prefab
  • Miller Town (not released yet)

Facepunch Monuments

  • Water Treatment
  • Arctic Base
  • Dome
  • Airfield
  • Oilrig 
  • Oilrig Large
  • Excavator
  • Military Tunnel
  • Harbor
  • 2x Fishing Village
  • Underwater Lab
  • Tunnels / Metro
  • Roadside Monuments
  • Stone / Sulfur / HQM Quarry

No password provided. No editable Version will be public for the Map. 
Support Provided on Discord.

You need to Put „KahoMapLock.cs“ (<3 bmg) into your Oxide Plugin Folder else the Server will not start.
Tested with the Raidable Bases, Convoy & Dangerous Treasures Plugin – works without problems.

Oxide and Rustdll required


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Lian Yu Free Rust Map on
Lian Yu Free Rust Map on